FB Editori responds to the Bassiri Foundation’s need for a versatile yet precise tool capable of fulfilling a two-fold need: showcasing the activities of Bizhan Bassiri through the publication of limited editions, critical monographs and specific texts curated ad hoc for exhibitions of the artist’s work or for particular cultural events while, at the same time, developing a broader editorial project that will promote contemporary culture and thought on art and for art. The choices involved in this two-strand approach do not only regard critical literature specific to contemporary art but also reflections on art in connected sectors like music, theatre, and literature, in its most poetic form: unpublished texts by artists, reprints of rare or hard-to-find texts, in bi- or trilingual editions, will all come together to form an ever-vaster constellation suggesting potential directions for the reflections of today’s cultural night owls. We are seeing an increasing tendency for intellectual speculation to turn to an ancient medium like the book that is capable of communicating its contents through carefully curated materials and forms.

The editorial activity of FB Editori is directed by Aldo Iori.


Lecturer at the University of Perugia and the Fine Arts Academies of Perugia and Rome, he has worked on art magazines, catalogues and books, editing and authoring critical texts.